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Please check out the “Groups” page by clicking the button below.  All residents should belong to the “residents” group.

Wine Tasting Group

Please check out the wine tasting group by clicking the link below.

Trash & Recycling Bins

Trash and/or recycling bins may be put out on Monday after 5PM.  Trash and/or recycling bins must be put back away by 11:30PM. When storing trash and/or recycling bins, please keep in mind that the trash and recycling bins can not be visible from the street.

Bulk Waste Items

(704) 393-6900

If you have bulk waste items, such as gas grills (propane tank must be removed), matresses, any items that will not fit into the trash bin. You can call the above phone number 24 hours in advance of the regular scheduled Tuesday pick up service to schedule a bulk item waste removal.

Pool Owners

Please keep your fencing gates closed and secure.


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June 2nd 2022

5:00PM – 7:30PM

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